31 Years Ago today

Robert Godwin Beresford Verity (c. 1939)
Robert Godwin Beresford Verity (c. 1939)

Today, 31 years ago, Bob Verity died, in Kingston, Jamaica. He was a brilliant, creative, joyful man, who lived life to the full, had many careers, and left behind a legacy of solid achievement, great memories for all who knew him, and a mountain of love. We miss him so.


The following photos were all taken in August 1939, on a banana boat travelling home to Jamaica, a few days after his marriage to Jacqueline.

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  1. I remember Bob fondly. Can’t remember the first time we met –it seems as if I’d known him all along. He was always gentle and respectful to youngsters like me, which I guess is the mark of a true gentleman. I also worked alongside and shared the odd jar or two of rum with his brother Jim in our days at RJR. All our ways parted after I moved to Canada, but I did have a brief reconnection with Jim through a colleague when he relocated to British Columbia and had a short but flaming romance with a new orchestra, the Okanagan Symphony.

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